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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I receive my files after purchase?

Your monogram files will be sent to your e-mail and available for download immediately after your purchase. The 3 high-quality files will include a JPG, a vector PDF and a transparent PNG.

Can I re-size and re-color my monogram?

The files you receive are high quality files. You or your print shop can easily re-size and/or re-color the monogram in design software such as Photoshop without compromising the quality of the monogram. Please let us know if you need assistance with changing the color or size! We are glad to help!

In addition to the PDF, JPG and PNG, are other files available?

Yes, please let us know what file type you need and we will try to accommodate you! Embroidery format is also available.

What if I don't see a 2-letter monogram I prefer?

Let us make one for you! Request a custom 2-letter monogram here!

Are 3-letter monograms available?

Yes,, you can request a custom 3-letter monogram here.

Are 4-letter monograms an option?

Yes, contact us and let’s talk more about it!

May I use a monogram on products for my customers?

Yes, these can go on your product but the file cannot be re-distributed. We would love to see photos of your final product and post on our website and Instagram!

May I convert your monogram file to an embroidery format?

Yes! However, you cannot re-sell the original file or the digitized embroidery file.

Are these monograms available in embroidery format?

Yes! Check out our embroidery format and size options here.