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Monogram Chic Font for Embroidery

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This amazing collection of beautiful interlocking double-letter monograms contains every 2-letter combination - 351 designs!

Each 2-letter monogram has been meticulously created so that the 2 letterforms complement each other to create an elegant, well-designed monogram. Perfect for embroidery, the careful attention in the digitization of each design makes personalization unique and beautiful! Single letters are not included.

*Note on how the files are arranged for you...

Since these are overlapping monograms, no letter comes "first." AB is the same as BA, JT is the same as TJ, etc. Your embroidery folders will be listed A through Z, and the letter combinations are in those folders. Rather than double up on computer space, each combination will be listed one time, and they are alphabetical. The BA will ONLY be in the A folder (not the B folder). The TJ will ONLY be in the J folder (not the T folder).

Available Formats

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Don't see your file type listed? Although we do not provide all machine formats, we encourage you to try DST as it known to be universal. If you are unsure if DST will work on your machine, please try one of our free Add-On Designs as a test!

Terms of Use

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This embroidery Font may be used on creating embroidery products for re-sale, unless you require the Font to be installed on more than 4 machines. Please contact us for any usage above 4 machines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-size and re-color my monogram?

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The files you receive are high-quality digital files. You or your print shop can easily re-size and/or re-color the monogram with design software (such as Photoshop) without compromising the quality of the monogram. Please let us know if you need assistance with changing the color or size.