Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access old orders on your new site?

Please reach out to us at, and we'll get you taken care of.

Can I re-size and re-color my monogram?

The files you receive are high-quality digital files. You or your vendor can re-size and/or re-color the monogram with editing software without compromising the quality of the monogram.

In addition to print format, are Shuler Monograms available in embroidery format?

Yes! Embroidery files are different than print files and can be purchased separately. See our designs already in embroidery format or ask us about having a design digitized into embroidery format.

What if I don't see a monogram in the style I prefer?

We want you to have the perfect monogram for you! See our custom packages to create a monogram in the style that you will love.

Once I purchase a Shuler Design, may I send the downloaded files to any vendor to put on items?

Yes! Be sure to check out our Monogram Product Directory for a list of amazing vendors. Your downloaded files can be sent to any vendor for stationery, cups, engraving, wax seals, ink stamps, dance floors, woodcutting - the possibilities are endless. Remember, if you are a business and have purchased a Shuler Design, licensing prohibits giving or selling the files to your customer.