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Exclusive Monogram


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Product Description

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The ultimate in customization - our Exclusive Package offers the ability to personalize your Shuler Monogram specifically to your taste. This package includes a consultation call with a designer, 2 monogram samples + 4 revisions, and final files sent in print and embroidery format. 

Please see below for the Exclusive Monogram process.

Terms of Use

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This monogram is exclusive to the purchaser. 
Shuler Studio will not re-sell or re-distribute the design in its original state.

How it Works

consultation call

We want to get to know you and how we can make your Shuler Monogram represent the person, event, or business for which it will be designed. A consultation call will be set up to gather that information. A follow-up email will be sent to confirm that we have everything we need to start designing your unique and beautiful monogram.

conceptual samples

After securing the information needed to build out your Shuler Monogram, we will design two monogram samples for your review. Four rounds of revisions are included to help build out the final monogram.

final monogram

Once revisions are concluded, your final Shuler Monogram will be perfected and prepared for use! We are happy to create your monogram in up to 3 different color swatches.

Embroidery files can be ordered at any time. Three sizes are included in the Exclusive Package. Embroidery files are unlike print files in that they cannot be re-sized so you can let us know what sizes you need after speaking with your embroiderer.

How it Works